Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Best Mothers Day present EVER!!!!

Yes I am bragging, and yes I did pick out my present for Mothers Day, tee hee. BEASTIE BOYS TICKETS TO THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL BABY!!!! Not until September 24th however ;-) But still.....This has been a dream since 7th grade.
Josh also surprised me with little hat boxes with the kids hands, and the twins feet molded inside and painted. Complete with a French Toast breakfast, and a very relaxing day.

Fun pictures of Jaxon and Makenzie

I took the twins to the Brigham Young house one morning and tried to get some fun shots of them all by myself. I am not the best at taking pictures, but I wanted to try since it's so rough gettng their pictures taken (not to mention expensive). Anyways, we had a blast, and some of them turned out prett good!

This one of them on the porch is my absolute favoite.


I think these are the biggest Easter baskets I have ever seen in my life. Saylors basket was all crafty stuff, Erik's was all sports themed, Jaxon got lots of train gear, and Makenzie's was all soft and loveable animals.

Coloring eggs this year was quite a chore. I did it on my own while with the 4 kids. Probably the reason I wasn't able to get shots of the twins making theirs....mommy was covered in dye! hahaha. Everyone got their own dye kit this year. Jaxon and Makenzie got a Sesame Street kit, Erik chose Spongebob, and Saylor picked Tie Dye.

Makenzie's Abbie Egg.

C'mon, can't you tell that 1. This is Jaxon's egg, and 2. It is Elmo?!?!?!? ha ha ha

Saylor always goofing off.

Erik made LOTS of Spongebob eggs.

Kite Festival- April 2009

We went to the annual Kite Festival this past April. It was not very windy, but we were able to get our kite up a couple of times. It is always a fun thing to do to get out of the house and let the kids have fun! Saylor and Josh enjoyed the inflatable boxing ring, and we tried to get the twins to go into the bounce houses......they freaked. They were perfectly fine sitting in the stroller slurping up snowcones.

Saylor turns 7!

Saylor is 7! I am getting OLD! Ha. She is so much fun right now (not that she wasn't before, but you know what I mean). She is in love with ROXY,which she can thank her mother, grandmother, and Shona for....we started her young. She is quite the little artist. She's CRAFTY! She is great at drawing, loves making things out of stuff from around the house. Just recently she took an old cardboard box and turned it into a dressing room, weaved tulle around the edges of it all on her own, I was pretty impressed. She loves listening to music, and singing. For her birthday we got her an Ipod Shuffle and loaded it with tons of songs. It was a hit!

Saylor opted for a luau style birthday party. My friend Carissa made this FABULOUS cake. Look at that thing.....it weighed like, ten pounds! I didn't want to cut into that masterpiece! We all had lots of fun swimming at the Washington Community Center Indoor pool.

The Twins turn 2...(this age should be fun)

Jaxon and Makenzie are getting so big, and are a hoot and a holler. They are such fast learners and amaze Josh and I every day. I started doing the baby sign language with them with they were about 8-10 months old, and they still use it alot, Makenzie using it most (but just to show off, tee hee.) They know the signs for: milk, water, bath, blanket, sleep, eat, drink, cat, dog, flower, bird, book, read, mom, dad, grandparents, no, yes, and I am sure there are some I am missing.

They are talking alot, both of them love singing Twinkle Twinkle, and ABC's. Jaxon loves to do 'Little Piggies Went to the Market' on my toes ;-) Cute little Makenzie will point to the stars in the sky and sing ABC's on accident almost everytime. They can count to ten, and love reading books (especially Eight Silly Monkeys, and Yucky Yummy). They entertain themselves alot, and do everything together. It is very cute to watch their interaction. Jaxon will hold his sippy cup up to Makenzie and say, "MILK!" and Makenzie will say, "Yes, Jaxie, Milk." They giggle and talk back and forth for sometimes up to an hour and a half during naptime. They just love each other, and I am happy that they are best friends....for now anyway.


My bestie, Shona, got us unbelievable discounted tickets to The Beatles Love show at the Mirage in Las Vegas. It was amazing. I have to admit, I started bawling within ten seconds of the opening of the show. It was so much fun, and a nice treat for our 3rd Anniversary.

OOPS!!! I forgot about you little blogger!

I don't 'forget' about my blog, I just am so busy I forget to update it like I should. It takes so much time having to do a 6 month update all the time, I better get on the ball and make it a bi-monthly, or AT THE VERY LEAST monthly habit!!

So, what have we done since Snow Day?? Tons!! The next few posts will tell you all about it.