Tuesday, September 29, 2009


During our visit to Southern Cali, there was a heat wave of about 105 degrees. But not here! Beautiful foggy weather, and a nice breeze is the reason this is one of my most favorite beaches. We kinda just strolled the pier, played in the water and built sandcastles, and shopped. It was lovely. It really makes me realize how bad I want to have a getaway with just Josh. As we walked around, the banners above our heads displayed that Oktoberfest was happening soon, and we made a mental note for coming back next year.

So many things I wanted to do, yet with 4 kids, a double jogger, and a Grandma with a stress fracture in tow, it wasn't likely. Like rent a peddle cart for $35 an hour and honk at everyone down the Boardwalk as you go! And skim. And not have to freak about the tide pulling your little ones into the water. All things I will be doing when I go back. For sure. I even dragged my family along so I could price out fiberglass skimboards in Jacks. I now have a clear vision of what I want for Christmas.

Of course, you can never leave Huntington without the following: t-shirts from the coolest store ever, Sanuks, Jacks coffee cups, wind spinners (little ones for the kids, and HUGE ones for Christmas presents) and eating at Taco Surf. If you have never been, you are missing out. It's the BEST mexican food I have EVER lived to eat.

I miss it there already.

Disneyland Halloween fireworks & a cute conversation with Makenzie


We had so much fun at Disneyland!! We also had some interesting adventures!

On our first day there at lunch time, we were all enjoying our Monte Cristo sandwiches (to DIE for) in the Orleans Cafe, and as we left I felt this B-U-R-N in the top of my foot. I had gotten bit by something under our table apparently. It swoll so fast and hurt so bad, I had to be the first in the family to EVER go to the first aid office. After ice, Tylenol, and a little bit of waiting, I was ok. I could live with it ;-)

Lucky us, we even got to break down on Splash Mountain! Immediately after we went down the huge drop, we stopped dead in our tracks, along with a few other logs, and we had to evacuate the ride. It was actually kind of fun! We got to walk through the ride....it's a little eerie seeing all the animals play guitars and move their mouths, but it was dead silent. All we could hear was the robotics of them. WEIRD!!!!! So, after having to go through that, we got a 6 person ticket to be the first in line on ANYTHING that took fast-passes! Space Mountain here we come (no 2 hour wait for us WHA HA HA).

That's not all either! As I waited with the twinners for everyone else to go on Tower of Terror, a bird decided to attack me and peck my neck as I pulled Goldfish crackers out of my backpack. Oh yes. Nothing like a few good stories to make the trip memorable! We can't wait to go back, two days is definately not enough!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Carol and her marine son, Nick

I worked with Carol for a few years at a law office. We became fast friends. I try to keep in touch as often as possible with the circle I was close with at my old work. Thankfully, though I don't see them as often as I would like, we remain in touch quite a bit.

Carol's son, Nick recently joined the marines and immediately pretty much headed to the middle east. Wow. She has been sending him care packages since he left, and she sent an email out to friends that could possibly help. I, then, sent THAT email out to everyone on my Facebook, and got a few great responses. I am just happy to be apart of that. Long ago, I was a Navy wife myself, and understand the struggle.

This morning, I get a text from Carol, to check out this site: http://www.markandmercedes.com/, a HUGE radio station in Vegas. Yup, Carol called in, and now ALL of the Las Vegas valley can help her son's troop. I am so happy for her, I could never imagine the kind of 'high' you would get from that. Of all the people in Vegas, and her story is making air. How very special!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

a funny, dinner-time story

Conversation between Josh and I at the dinner table

Nicki: "I am going to pack my running shoes for Disneyland."

Josh: "yeah, that's a good idea, that's what I am taking too."

Nicki: "No, so I can use the gym at the hotel."

Josh: "You mean, you are gonna wake up, with smeared churro on your cheek, lick it off, and go work out?"

Nicki: "HEY!!! I can do it at night, maybe on the days we aren't actually at the Disneyland Park."

Josh: "We would have to dangle a Churro in front of the treadmill."

Pretty funny, mean, but so true. Like I would really work out after walking miles and miles around Disneyland.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I love when I find something awesome AND useful on the clearance racks at Target. It's a total dopamine high. I am slowly (very slowly) but surely furnishing my house.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

JUNE- a Birthday Surprise

I came to Vegas for a very special birthday surprise, for a very special friend. Candace had major birthday plans and kept asking me to come down for the celebration, and I had to make up excuse after excuse why I couldn't be there. Little did she know, 2 other friends and myself had a super secret surprise for her. Blair, our friend, is a DJ on Mix 94.1 in Vegas and happened to have a local hook-up for Love, and a backstage tour after the show. So, we all pitched in and made it happen. Candace had NO CLUE I was coming down, and we blindfolded her until we got to the ticket counter. It was joyous.
The banana picture: This is the ONLY picture they let us take backstage.


Jaxon and Makenzie learned how to "paint" their toe nails. With marker from the craft drawer that has been child-proofed. wonderful.

Erik turned 6! These are just a couple pictures of our little present ceremony at our house. Pirate legos and REAL walkie talkies.

Saylor finished the spring season of soccer. And says she wants to try something new ;)

Erik had a little get together with some buddies from the hood, and here is a rad picture I got of them!

I need to do an update, BUT FIRST....

I wanted to show everyone what I woke up to on my laptop screensaver last week. Courtesy of my husband. My mean husband.

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