Tuesday, September 29, 2009


During our visit to Southern Cali, there was a heat wave of about 105 degrees. But not here! Beautiful foggy weather, and a nice breeze is the reason this is one of my most favorite beaches. We kinda just strolled the pier, played in the water and built sandcastles, and shopped. It was lovely. It really makes me realize how bad I want to have a getaway with just Josh. As we walked around, the banners above our heads displayed that Oktoberfest was happening soon, and we made a mental note for coming back next year.

So many things I wanted to do, yet with 4 kids, a double jogger, and a Grandma with a stress fracture in tow, it wasn't likely. Like rent a peddle cart for $35 an hour and honk at everyone down the Boardwalk as you go! And skim. And not have to freak about the tide pulling your little ones into the water. All things I will be doing when I go back. For sure. I even dragged my family along so I could price out fiberglass skimboards in Jacks. I now have a clear vision of what I want for Christmas.

Of course, you can never leave Huntington without the following: t-shirts from the coolest store ever, Sanuks, Jacks coffee cups, wind spinners (little ones for the kids, and HUGE ones for Christmas presents) and eating at Taco Surf. If you have never been, you are missing out. It's the BEST mexican food I have EVER lived to eat.

I miss it there already.


Mama Bird said...

cute pics!

I wanna go on va-kay!