Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We had so much fun at Disneyland!! We also had some interesting adventures!

On our first day there at lunch time, we were all enjoying our Monte Cristo sandwiches (to DIE for) in the Orleans Cafe, and as we left I felt this B-U-R-N in the top of my foot. I had gotten bit by something under our table apparently. It swoll so fast and hurt so bad, I had to be the first in the family to EVER go to the first aid office. After ice, Tylenol, and a little bit of waiting, I was ok. I could live with it ;-)

Lucky us, we even got to break down on Splash Mountain! Immediately after we went down the huge drop, we stopped dead in our tracks, along with a few other logs, and we had to evacuate the ride. It was actually kind of fun! We got to walk through the ride....it's a little eerie seeing all the animals play guitars and move their mouths, but it was dead silent. All we could hear was the robotics of them. WEIRD!!!!! So, after having to go through that, we got a 6 person ticket to be the first in line on ANYTHING that took fast-passes! Space Mountain here we come (no 2 hour wait for us WHA HA HA).

That's not all either! As I waited with the twinners for everyone else to go on Tower of Terror, a bird decided to attack me and peck my neck as I pulled Goldfish crackers out of my backpack. Oh yes. Nothing like a few good stories to make the trip memorable! We can't wait to go back, two days is definately not enough!


Mama Bird said...

What a good lookin' familiy!


Disney land is a kids dream come true. I remember the first time I saw Mickey during the festival of lights show, I peed my pants I was so excited, and my mom and dad had to buy me expensive glow in the dark sweat pants and sweat shirt, and since I got one, my sisters both had to have one too. Good memory.