Monday, October 19, 2009

SUP Boarding

My mom married Nathan when I was 10. Though they divorced years ago, I grew up on lakes, oceans, any puddle of water deep enough for a fin to not hit the rocks. We went to the lake every weekend in summer to windsurf. I loved trying to learn to windsurf, and I loved when we would just bring an extra board for me to paddle around on. I say this with the most respect..... he is one cool surfer dude. We had breakfast with Nathan and his wife Dacia, and their boys this last Sunday (to DIE for blueberry pancakes I might add), and he got me all hyped up over SUP boarding. It stands for Stand-Up-Paddle boarding. Pretty much surfing with a paddle, but you can do it ANYWHERE!!! Even in St. George!!! How fun would it be to wake up and head to SandHallow for a morning of SUP boarding, as your workout? I have decided that I am saving my dough for a board. Yes, along with a fiberglass skim board I have been wanting all year. I know it seems silly to some, but I would hope that in the summers to come, we will be able to make more trips to the beach to actually catch some waves with the SUP board.

I am gonna take it up and make it a new hobby. And Nathan even pointed out to me how perfect the rack on the top of my truck would be just for that ;-)


Chelsea North said...

That's what it is called! In the summer here you see kids off the beaches of the islands doing it. Travis and I watched this kid go forever... Not falling once! It was amazing. I could see how it would be a VERY good workout, core strength, cardio and upper body. That's it I'm doing it with you. Let's make our own skim board too. In st george we used to do it in the virgin river. We made our own one summer. Ps well have to get wetsuits the water up here is cold!